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“The best surprise of the festival for me was special guest JOAL KAMPS and his wife Lauren. Their appearance Sunday morning was a breath of fresh air. Joal is such a seasoned performer and knows exactly how to connect with an audience. The new development of playing a few duets with Lauren was a sweet dose to the morning lineup. They have a beautiful presence together and Joal’s lyrics had the perfect blend of touching and insightful. My friend beside me and I were moved to tears more than once, the tune ‘Be Gentle’ had this tender edge that got me hook, line and sinker.”
Heather Adamson; Songs In The ValleyFestival Review

“Great personality, a good teller of stories, and most of all a very accomplished musician – excellent finger picker, and tune writer, as well as being a songwriter with a particular interest in the history of the west. These attributes, combined in concert with able assistance of (his wife) Lauren on various instruments and vocals, add up to a delightful evening.”
Robert Gunn; Avenue ZoneFeature Article

“With a growing passion for music and storytelling, further propelled by his world travels, Kamps acquired a pawnshop guitar from his friends some seven years ago. Since then, the songman has been developing a platform for performance and storytelling, now working toward making music his full-time gig.”
Lindsay Seewalt; The Cochrane EagleFeature Article

“Kamps’ music doesn’t fall into just one category, but has a unique sound of its own that he refers to as Rocky Mountain folk-pop … The lyrics told in his stories are often inspirational and touching as he connects with his audience through emotional stories, whether it’s about addiction or love.”
Tammy Rollie; Okotoks’ The Western WheelFeature Article

“Kamps continues to develop his signature ‘Rocky Mountain Folk-Pop’ sound on this album. This time, however, he’s incorporating his growing World Music influence – and the combination is striking.”
Private Submission; The Camrose CanadianFeature Article

“Now a maverick in the ever-shifting sea of folk music, Joal defies any easy pigeonhole, setting himself and his sound apart from other folk musicians with his unique self-taught style and humble approach to performing and storytelling through song.”
Laurie Brown; Chilliwack’s The Valley VoiceFeature Article

“Joal Kamps continues to receive positive reviews from industries and critics all around. We look forward to hearing Joal’s new work in the New Year and have no doubt that this album will be another successful one!”
Private Submission; Rectangle BlogFeature Article

“Life has been extremely busy for Kamps since winning the (WCMA) award … In addition to his regular songwriting, Kamps is researching Canadian and Albertan history and Rocky Mountain folklore for inspiration for the new record. He will also be touring extensively with the new album in the new year.”
Private Submission; The BannerFeature Article


“Artists like JOAL KAMPS keep my interest in music going. I was amazed at what a great storyteller he was, not to mention a great musician as well! He won over many new fans at the Jasper Folk Music Festival, me being number 1! I would recommend Joal to play anywhere, anytime.”
Matthew Cushing; Music Coordinator of the Jasper Folk Music Festival

“Joal’s an artist who seems tailor-made for folk festivals – he has a sound that would work well on an outdoor stage, and rhythms that are going to work for the low-chair aficionados/tyrants as well as for people who want to get up on their feet and dance.”
Candace Shaw; Artistic Director of the Peterborough Folk Festival

“Serenity is honoured to have Joal and his beautiful wife Lauren as an annual special guests at Serenity Harvest Music Festival. JOAL KAMPS (creates) music that feels like a feathers touch upon your soul. Music that can make your heart cry and yet bring so much joy to the listener.”
Shirley de Vooght; Artistic Director of Serenity Performing Arts Centre & Harvest Music Festival

“JOAL KAMPS’ soulful lyrics seep into your bones and echo into your spirit. His performance is genuine. His storytelling ability makes the characters of his songs feel alive and full.”
Carmen Paterson; Artistic Director & Co-Founder of the 15 Minutes of Fame/Rosebud Folk Festival

“Joal is a performer who really knows how to engage an audience. This is critical when performing anywhere but especially to an intimate House Concert – as he did for us. Great original songs, wit, charm and a strong sense of a young man with values make for a superb gig.”
Kevin O’Regan; Music Coordinator for the Evenley Arts Council (UK)

“From the moment JOAL KAMPS took the stage – even before he started to play – he began connecting with the audience. Joal’s flawless musicianship and strong songwriting ability, combined with his uplifting lyrics and style, captivated our audience and left them anticipating his next performance.”
Ranger Kidwell-Ross; Board Member & Promoter at The Rick Epting Foundation for the Arts

“JOAL KAMPS is a world-class professional. He played on our big festival stage, solo, which is notoriously hard to do, and definitely made a strong connection to the audience. His comfortable, confident demeanor on such a big stage drew the listeners in. It is extremely rare for an artist to have every aspect going for him – charming voice, great guitar work, powerful, deep songwriting, stage presence, humor, and a great look. JOAL KAMPS is the WHOLE package, and he will be turning a lot of heads in the business, as well as impacting lives with his songs.”
Eric E; Performing Artist, Producer, & Promoter for the Nuart Block Party Festival

“Joal’s passion and professionalism was evident before he even stepped on stage. As his set approached on the Drumheller Dinofest mainstage, the clouds opened up with a crack of lightning and sent people running for our indoor venue where there was no stage, no sound equipment. Joal turned to me and said, “All I need is my guitar, let’s go!” He played unplugged for over an hour to the delight of everyone taking shelter from the storm.”
Mike Dooley; Music Coordinator of the Dinofest Music Festival

“JOAL KAMPS is an authentic and genuine human who happens to have great skill with his voice and guitar. When we have time in the presence of his best work, we don’t feel like he is performing, but merely describing something valuable about being alive, and revealing something about life that is as much ours as his.”
Royden Mills; Visual Artist & Juror for The Alberta Foundation for the Arts

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Television Appearances

Shaw TV’s Edmonton Unplugged – Edmonton, AB
CTV National’s Canada AM – Toronto, ON
CTV Morning Live – Edmonton, AB
CTV & Shaw TV’s Alberta Primetime – Calgary, AB
CTV Morning Live – Regina, SK
CBC’s Cultureville Special – Red Deer, AB
City TV’s Breakfast Television – Calgary, AB
City TV’s Breakfast Television – Edmonton, AB
Global Morning News – Saskatoon, SK
Shaw TV’s GO! Southern Alberta – Lethbridge, AB
Park City TV’s Mountain Morning Show 1 – Park City, UT, USA
Park City TV’s Mountain Morning Show 2 – Park City, UT, USA

Radio Features

Drechtstad FM – Dordrecht, NLD
CBC Radio One – The Homestretch with Doug Dirks – Calgary, AB
AIR 106.1 – Interview with Derek Craddock – Airdrie, AB
99.5 Drum FM Interview – Drumheller, AB
OPEN Rotterdam Radio – Rotterdam, NLD
CBC Radio One – The Key Of A with Katherine Duncan – Calgary, AB
CJSF 90.1 FM Melodies In Mind with Ryan Fletcher – Burnaby, BC
AM 1140 Morning Show with Charlie Brown (x2) – High River, AB
Sun Country 99.7 FM with Jody Seeley (x2) – High River, AB
Shine 88.9 FM Interview with Johnny Mac – Calgary, AB
Shine 105.9 FM Unplugged with David James – Edmonton, AB
CKVN Interview with David Blanchard – Lethbridge, AB
99.5 Drum FM Interview – Drumheller, AB

Charting History

2014: #3 CFBX (Kamloops) Folk/Roots/Blues Charts (July 22nd)
2014: #7 CFBX (Kamloops) Folk/Roots/Blues Charts (July 8th)
2014: #10 CILU (Thunder Bay) Folk/Roots/Blues Charts (July 8th)
2014: #10 CILU (Thunder Bay) Folk/Roots/Blues Charts (July 1st)
2014: #10 The National Folk/Roots/Blues Charts (June 24th)
2014: #1 CFBX (Kamloops) Folk/Roots/Blues Charts (June 24th)
2014: #9 CILU (Thunder Bay) Folk/Roots/Blues Charts (June 24th)
2014: #8 CILU (Thunder Bay) Folk/Roots/Blues Charts (June 17th)
2014: #4 The National Folk/Roots/Blues Charts (June 10th)
2014: #5 CFBX (Kamloops) Folk/Roots/Blues Charts (June 10th)
2014: #4 CILU (Thunder Bay) Folk/Roots/Blues Charts (June 10th)
2014: #4 CILU (Thunder Bay) Folk/Roots/Blues Charts (June 3rd)
2014: #9 Earshot National Monthly Folk/Roots/Blues Charts (Month of May)
2014: #1 CILU (Thunder Bay) Folk/Roots/Blues Charts (May 27th)
2014: #2 The National Folk/Roots/Blues Charts (May 20th)
2014: #1 CJSW (Calgary) Folk/Roots/Blues Charts (May 20th)
2014: #1 CILU (Thunder Bay) Folk/Roots/Blues Charts (May 20th)
2014: #2 CFCR (Kingston) Folk/Roots/Blues Charts (May 20th)
2014: #4 CILU (Thunder Bay) Folk/Roots/Blues Charts (May 13th)
2014: #4 CILU (Thunder Bay) Folk/Roots/Blues Charts (May 6th)
2014: #6 CFCR (Kingston) Folk/Roots/Blues Charts (May 6th)
2014: #15 Earshot National Monthly Folk/Roots/Blues Charts (Month of April)
2014: #4 CILU (Thunder Bay) Folk/Roots/Blues Charts (April 29th)
2014: #9 CJSW (Calgary) Folk/Roots/Blues Charts (April 29th)
2014: #5 CJSW (Calgary) Folk/Roots/Blues Charts (April 25th)
2014: #8 CILU (Thunder Bay) Folk/Roots/Blues Charts (April 22nd)

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