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Heads Is East, Tails Is West

Full-length Album (11 tracks)

“Prepare for a good taste of the open wilderness with JOAL KAMPS’ second album Heads Is East, Tails Is West, which contains 11 songs rich with stories of life and love and the freedom of the great terrain … It put me in an exploring mood, and made me want to go out camping and get closer to the sweet offerings of nature, because that’s what this sounds like: sweet as honey, bright as the sun, and calm as a summer breeze. Definitely give this a listen and enjoy the groove.”
Demiera Harris; No More DivisionHIETIW Review

“JOAL KAMPS tells some beautiful stories and sings addictively beautiful melodies on his new CD … His voice is reminiscent of Toronto based folk-pop songwriters Peter Katz and Rob Szabo with a touch of classic rock band Styx’s lead singer Dennis DeYoung … There is a strong historical bent to much of his music. Especially on the hair raisingly catchy “Coal Miner” a song about the survivor of a mine disaster and one of many songs reflecting a wistfully nostalgic peek into the past.”
Richard Amery; LA Beat MagazineHIETIW Review

“Joal continues to carry that unique sound that can only be described as “Rocky Mountain Folk-Pop” that he has coined to explain his sound, which makes me believe that fans of all genres would be able to enjoy it … This album is far and above what I had hoped for. Each song follows the “Alberta inspired” theme. I can picture sitting out by a campfire and listening to these songs ― that would be a perfect, relaxing getaway from the stresses of daily life. Great job, Joal!”
Jenna Melanson; Canadian BeatsHIETIW Review


Full-length Album (11 tracks)

Sojourner, is, without a doubt, a carefully crafted selection of songs filled with hooks and poppy goodness ― if you’re into that sort of thing, this album is for you. Fans of highly emotional, Lady Antebellum-esque country music will love Sojourner.”
Randi Beers; Exclaim MagazineSojourner Review

“Calgary based singer-songwriter JOAL KAMPS sounds a lot like other Pop-Folk singers like Jack Johnson, Peter Katz, Danny Michel and a touch of Dave Matthews on his new CD Sojourner. He has an appealing, very much pop influenced tenor voice throughout and thought provoking, story-telling lyrics.”
Richard Amery; LA Beat MagazineSojourner Review

“JOAL KAMPS’ Sojourner is incredible. Not only is it extremely well produced, but it comes with a real depth of authenticity – both lyrically and melodically.”
Nick Kulhawy; KAOS 91.1 FM – Sojourner Review

Sojourner is more than I could have ever expected. I put it on and listened through it three times in a row as soon as I got it. That’s not something I normally do.”
David Blanchard; 105.9 Shine FM & CKVN 98.1 FM – Sojourner Review

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