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My goodness this past month flew by! We’ve been touring all over Alberta and officially hit the 200,000km mark on our current touring vehicle. There sure are a LOT of km’s to cover as touring musicians in Canada… Hopefully she keeps running for a good while yet, cause we have some big tour distances coming up in the next several months.

Besides performing at various summer festivals and showcases during the Calgary Stampede, we’ve been attending family reunions and other personal commitments including my parent’s 40th anniversary, which was a real inspiration to us. Lauren and I are thankful to be so busy, but we’re also trying to find time for ourselves. It can be hard to maintain a balance for sure as many of you know – the artist lifestyle is often feast or famine. Still, it’s been an uplifting time for us as we’ve received some very kindly worded emails of encouragement and support. THANK YOU to those of you who took the time to reach out. We were moved by your words.

In other exciting news, we just received our Chapel Sessions video from the amazing folks at Canada’s Music Incubator and we are eager to share it with you all. We were so blown away by the genuine encouragement we received while attending CMI’s Artist Entrepreneur Program this spring, and would highly recommend it to any musicians out there who want to make a full-time career with their art. Go for it!

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